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   Wednesday, July 05, 2006  
tonight feels like sunday night. every night is sunday night for me right now. i mean that in a good way.

theres two things i have to do this week and then im free. i havent been free in a while.

tonight i have to see the grates at spaceland. not have to because crap i have to, but have to because i love them and this is their last show in america for a while. theyre going back home to aussieland.

speaking of which they ran a rerun of wolfmother on letterman last night. so good.

the other thing is on thursday i get to meet the publisher of gothamist, jake, who is the owner of LAist. then right after that we're having an LAist meeting where i get to meet the contributers. if youre a contributer and didnt get the email, email me and i will send you the details.

that day will involve some drinking.

monday i got the verizon evdo card for my laptop. it allows you to have dsl type speed whereever theres a really good cell phone signal. if you have a bad signal its like 56k. i paid $147 for the card + shipping, and its $60 a month for unlimited service.

and because it allows you to broadcast the signal, im seriously considering getting rid of my dsl when that contract expires, and get rid of the landline, and run everything through the cell phone and the evdo. cutting dsl and the landline would be a savings of $100+ a month.

but i would lose my sweet home phone number.

its 511am. i need to go to sleep now.

i saw the best fireworks last night.

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