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   Thursday, July 06, 2006  
Tony, I'm a big fan of the Busblog. I had heard about blogs about 2 years ago (I know, I'm behind times) and wanted to know what a blog was.
Typed in "what is a blog" and WHAM! I've been hooked ever since.
I tried my hand at blogging but I can't devote the time needed to do it justice and (you were right) If you are blogging like you should, your job suffers!
Anyway, I have viewed other blogs and none of them, I repeat, None of them! appeal to me the way yours does. You have said it before.."Keepin it real "... thats the best I can do to describe my attraction to your writings
I've been reading your blog on a daily basis and loving it,I mean totally getting it. (even though I am a white male,48 years old, living in B.F.E.
(Hico,Texas) I feel I know you.
But since you started working at the LAist, I feel your work (here on the busblog) is suffering. I'm NOT comming down on you dude, just keeping it real. I know you get all the love from you fans and I still am one!
I just thought you would want to know (and you probobly realized it before I did) that you J.O.B. is causing you job to suffer.
Yes, I miss the 2 - 4 posts a day but I don't think that is the issue.
Maybe its the 3 a.m. posting after cattin around Hollywood and fondling lushous ladies using your witt charm and of coarse liquering them up first.
I tuned in to the LAist and you dont appear to be quite as free of a writer as the one I knew.
Nonetheless I will continue to read and look for your eloquent way of puttin things in stead of posting videos and replacement pieces.
I want the original tony back!!!
please let me know you at least saw this.
I know it dosn't seem like it ,but, this is still

Billy the Kid


Dear Billy,

I know the busblog has been negatively effected by my new gig. truth of the matter is every job ive had has effected this sensitive masterwork over the years. there were times at buzznet where i felt like i was talking way too much about buzznet on the busblog, but i was loving what i was doing and i didnt want to stop.

when i spent more time at the xbi i felt like i wrote about that place too much. when i was dating ashley i felt like i wrote about her too much. now i feel like i dont write enough about anything on the busblog because im writing so much at LAist.

the truth of the matter is even on a good day of the busblog i would only bust with three posts. and one of them was a picture or a rerun or something really short. so really two and a half posts a day.

now at LAist im writing like five pretty solid pieces a day. yes the tone and style is different but, well, it's a different audience than the busblog. theyre anti hot babe and pro pearl jam.

they keep asking questions like "what has happened to LAist?"

and now you are asking what has happened to the busblog.

what is happening is im staying up until seven in the morning, im getting carpal tunnel again, and my phone is ringing off the hook. im the happiest ive been in a very long time. i wake up at noon, and the hits over there are on fire.

but there will be a transition period of slight turbulence before we get to proper cruising altitude. not only am i writing five times over there and once or twice over here but im doing tons of behind the scenes wheelings and dealings, most important of all getting together a lineup of contributers who combined can tell the story of this miraculous city, hourly.

and the tail is distracting as fuck.

canseco was traded for a defector + danielle wrote on LAist + i took a good picture last night

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