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   Monday, September 04, 2006  
the eight people who still support this war all have my email address

dear FEEL,

is there a specific post that you're referring to? you've lost me. - tony

TNT strapped on children's bodies apposed to briefcase nukes strapped to there children's bodies,this is what we are fighting for "peace". not totalitarianism. with the media's criticism of the president on everything and I mean everything it can come up with, this society is more like there on a football teams side, they lost the election and their going to hate bush no matter what he does until their team wins. not on ideology but " we're gonna win." the ignorant masses want their team to win, the mainstream press want democrats to win so they skew reports favorable to their side radio talkshows want republicans to win so they skew reports to their side, blogers lean more liberal so they tout democratic, this was the long way of getting to your point about most people are against the war. NO their not, read the questions and how they are worded in the polls you site, and you will understand my point, people aren't happy that we are the ones having to do it but they understand why we have to do it.

or at least the ones that follow what is actually going on. less than forty % of the U.S. population votes and I would guess that about 70 to 80 % of those actually follow current events with any regularity, its a scary thought that what few thousands of people you can influence by how you feel about a subject or read a remark like most people are against the war, could impact our society in a negative way. I once read the wisest man knows that he knows very little.please don't believe polls unless you read the questions being asked and who are they asking.

dude your "facts" are as twisted as your spelling, and coming from me thats saying something.

but i'll bite, please show me the polls that show that Americans are happy with the way this war is going.

forgive me for my ignorance, but everything i read says that Americans are unhappy with the way that this war is going, but i guess thats what i get for reading that liberal bastion of MSM, Fox News

9/1 - 60% polled think there will be more terrorism in this country because the U.S. went to war in Iraq. AP via Fox News

8/31 - 59% Disapprove of the job the President is doing - Fox Poll

8/9 - 67% Don't believe that the US can prevent Iraq from spiraling into a civil war - Fox Poll

Fox is too chickenshit to just ask people the simple question "Was the US right to invade Iraq"? But professional pollsters arent

Gallup 8/24 - Only 1/3 of Americans believe that War on Terror is being won

Harris 8/11 - 63% of Americans think we're on the wrong track

In a study by CNN said that 54% of Americans opposed the war in June, 61% oppose it in mid-August

so yeah, when i say that most of America doesn't believe in this war, i am in agreement with your boys at Fox, the two biggest independent pollsters, and those commies over at CNN.

and one final thing, maybe people believed in this war at the begining because our president or the vp or the defense secretary said that Iraq had wmds, that there was a connection between saddam and 9/11, and that the iraqis would treat us as liberators. all of those things turned out to be wrong and possibly lies.

none of those facts had anything to do with your partisan beliefs about the alleged liberal slant of MSM, or the alleged liberal majority of bloggers, or those dastardly polls. people dont believe in this war any more because the lies have unraveled and the torture, false imprisonment, and domestic spying has outted this administration as the embarrasment that they are.

you talk about rooting for a team as if you're not blindly rooting for the Right. its no wonder that your toad soup tastes like... toad soup.

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