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   Thursday, November 29, 2007  
its 3:23am on a wednesday night and remember that college girl i complained about

well now i sorta miss her.

yes she was a pain in the ass, and didnt put out, and her head wasnt screwed on right, and she will probably break up with her dude as soon as she gets home, instead of breaking up with him BEFORE she came to my house. but life doesnt always turn out the way that you think it will

however, life sometimes turns out better than the way you think it will

which is why you shouldnt bitch so much because life would be so fucking boring if every girl just spread her legs for you as soon as you snapped your fingers.

today they didnt have rib tips at the Pantry so i got short ribs which i always forget are super fatty. whoops there i am bitching again.

ron paul was on the debates today and they kept cutting him off. they let romney talk as much as he wanted. and rudy. and wtf is Fred doing there, the guys got nothing and he seems to be aging with every second that hes up there.

and mccain seemed pissed about something, but i gotta say mr mike huckabee really did shine especially when they asked him Who Would Jesus Execute via the Death Penalty.

his answer: Jesus was smart enough not to run for public office.

its 330 and i miss her. i havent thrown away the ginger ale cans she drank out of. i havent put away her reduced fat Cheez-Its.

pain in the ass, but what isnt these days, especially as sweet as she was. everything has its price.

she called me from the airport crying and i said what are you crying about and she sniffed that she was sorry that the way things worked out and i try not to think about how girls look cuz its all a huge fake out but she always had the best clothes. not expensive, just things that were so adorable.

i know when you look at the weather for LA you see that it was 75 today but somehow it was a cold 75. cuz its warm for a few hours, if youre in the sun, but the mornings are cold and the nights are cold. its like an oreo of weather. so she had on this winter jacket with fuzzy faux fur around her hood and her face was a target for kissing in there and her cute little scarf was doing absolutely no good

but girls can just accessorize with the best of them

and i will miss her because her tears are right, i will probably never see her again.

which is why i probably wont throw away this diet coke can either

since her glitter lipstick is still hanging on to the edges

proof that all cheerleaders still exist. and someones still sorta got it.

plus i was half of a great interview.

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