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   Tuesday, April 08, 2008  
yesterday was mr duane storey's birthday

if you dont know duanes storey you should ask him cuz its fascinating and tragic and in the end triumphant. some of it involves expensive camera equipment, computer technology, and one of the best views of downtown vancougar youve ever seen

some of it involves getting beaten up by punks next to a 7-11 for no apparent reason whatsoever.

and of course some of it involves being so drunk on nude years that he pulled a My Life As A Dog but instead of not being able to drink milk outta a glass he had difficulties with chinese food while sitting on his bed.

in a room that we all crashed.

and partied in every night.

even though i had a better room.

ah duane.

photos by duane via flickr

if i lived in toronto id be out all night with the likes of raymi and fil and pitt and christie and alison. if i lived in vancity id be drunk each night with chad and keira and miss 604 and duane. but fortunately i live here in hollywood where i can type to you at 10:30pm from my office at the la times.

while thinking of how i forgot to write something like this for duane yesterday.

duane has talent up the ying yang. he tried to show it to me but i dont like to look up dudes' yings. duane has a very kind heart and excellent taste in wine women and song.

soon his webmaster skillz will be put to the test because a secret tony pierce blog will be launched on one of his servers and if he thinks he has the strength this very blog, the busblog as well as might just end up in his capable hands.

duane is a canadian gentleman. the sort that you can reach out to if, say, you lost your wallet in a foreign land and despite staying on the fancy floor of the fancy hotel the concierge wont let you cash a cheque with them even if you have a fancy business card. but duane will loan you the cash no probs no questions axed. and then he will lend you more. at a very low interest rate.

and for that reason we thank duane for being duane and wish him a belated birthday from america.

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