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   Tuesday, July 08, 2008  
twins freak me out, but mostly make me smile

heres why they freak me out. when i was little i saw a tv talk show where they had these identical twins who were separated at birth. one twin ended up getting adopted by one family who took him to the west of america, the other twin ended up being raised by a totally different family in the east of america. they lived in totally different households for 40 years.

then this tv talk show brought them together and the twins not only looked exactly the same, but dressed similarly, and were sorta the same temperament. everyone clapped. some cried. but i freaked out.

it bothered me that we might not have free will. that we are destined to be fat or skinny or crazy or sane. that nothing that we do is unique to our own personality and upbringing and life experiences. thus, why even bother? the last thing i would ever want to think is that my life is predetermined. that the lessons i learn dont shape me.

those f'ing twins who ended up mellow, slightly overweight, and had the same hair cut made me worry that we are who we're going to be, no matter what we do, what books we read, what chicks we get naked with, what friends we meet, or what "accidents" befall us.

with that said, i dont think ive ever smiled as sinsterly as when i met lemei and lily, nor do i believe ive met anyone who loves twins more than ashley.

the other day improv everywhere did something with twins that would have freaked my ass off but woulda made ashley wet her thong.

hattip metafilter who also had a link to this video from German tv

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