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   Wednesday, October 08, 2008  
when i first started at the times my boss asked me if i was ready for a lot of meetings

with over 40 blogs, there are scores of writers to meet with, copy editors, editors, photographers, lawyers, and even occasionally possible subjects of stories who find their way on my calendar.

you might not have noticed, but after the cubs got swept by the dodgers, the finale of which i attended, my mind was rocked. nothing made any sense to me. nothing mattered any more. i was a rudderless ship. one that didnt even care if it got bashed against the rocks.

so when i got an email early this morning from one of my favorite writers and bloggers asking me if i would like to accompany him for a lunch meeting at the playboy mansion i said

fine, yeah, whatever

and then i snapped out of it, moved the one conflicting meeting to a different day, and said, hell yeahs, lets do this. and bro said, one catch, you've gotta drive

so we drove to the greatest mansion in LA in my old beater, eventually found the sorta hidden front gate, spoke to the voice in the rock, and drove up the famous driveway to probably the coolest house in the world.

we talked business the whole time and sat down to lunch in the dining room and was served by attentive waitstaff like as youd see in a old timey movie. all the different utensils that the three stooges fumbled with, all the politeness and grace that your mother instilled on you, little did she know that you'd have to use it one day in an actual mansion, if not the most notorious one.

near the end of the meal, almost as if it was scripted, one of hef's girlfriends, kendra, walked into greet us with her playmate-worthy friend on their way to a tv interview show and she talked football beautifully and flipped through the new issue of the magazine to show our host (not hef, but his long time cohort) a thing or two.

afterwards we were given a generous tour of the grounds including the famous pool and grotto.

we fed grapes to some of the newest members of the house - the monkeys

toured my favorite room - the game room

and drove home even more confused by life, and how random it all is

and yet at the same time, far more focused, optimistic, and refreshed.

i know that sometimes its hard to believe in the midst of darkness that there very well might be light right around the corner

but i just saw it first hand, and it was stunning.

and now everything matters again.

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