i think im probably the easiest person in the world to go to the batting cages with. i would also say that it is pretty impossible to get me off of the golf course or away from my computer but if you say to me, hey, wanna hit some i will probably drop everything. same goes for eating
soul food. same goes for watching a porno. same
goes for writing to you. two fuckers walk into a
bar and the first one says lets get the fuck out
of this bar and the other one says yeah.
so the fbi called me yesterday. it was weird
cuz i was doing my taxes online and i was
i made that much money last year? shit.
and they were all your web site is being
monitored and what you wrote was
confidential and it was inappropriate
of you to disclose confidential infor
mation in a public forum i said
nothing on my site is true and
they said what you wrote was
i said no it wasnt. not unless




















the donnas














today is president bill clinton's last day in office. bubba kicked ass. nearly every other country
believes that if you
kick ass you






















im renting a car this weekend

you are admitting that when i alleged that you lied like crazy that i was accurate. they said, no. i said, you know i was at this bar last night and someone who i hadnt talked to in a long time asked me, how did you get along with that one guy and i said well and he said that guy is the biggest liar there is and i said i feel so much better
that you told me that thank you i thought
i was insane and this guy said you
might be a little crazy but no that
guy is a cock and i drank up and
said we should call stupid people
worse names than that. cocks
bring pleasure. and this guy
says what about tool. i said
i never understood that
one. he said what about
canker sore i fucking hate
canker sores. i said bingo.









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