ive collected a lot of tips from the motel
girls but probably the best thing that they
taught me has been the importance of naps. it makes sense too, really, if you dont have a job to report to and you drink and do drugs all night youre going to experience a lot of uncomfortable little changes
in your body so what
i've been doing lately
is waking up around
eight am, i listen to
howard, work on the

the stereo down just a little and take a nap. but the trick to all of this, as stacii has tutored me, is that you really need to have someone or something nice that wakes you up in two hours. preferably it will be a nice person who will come home around eight or nine and start dinner or bring home something good and greet you with a soft kiss on the forehead. i think one thing that i didnt like about naps before was that i took them for too long into the evening and i felt like i was wasting my day. if you can wake up in a good mood, due to good music or a good tv show
what will happen is that if you get picked up at ten, ten thirty for a late supper you will feel awesome and you wont get so tired at one thirty when stacii leans over and whispers i have such a craving for pinks. at this point may
i say that i had one of those pinks dogs with pastrami and swiss cheese the other night and it was terrific. may i also say that the ladies taught me a little lesson about pinks that i would like to share with you right now and it is this, when you go tell the lady to please put the dog on the grill for a few minutes. i love pinks with all of my heart but they seem to think that it's ok for the dogs to sit in the steamer. everyone knows that the true nature of a hot dog
  site answer email, eat
breakfast, write, read,
you know and then at
around six or seven
when things are slowing
up a little and the magic
has left, i turn

or a good person, you will feel totally refreshed.
you might have a slight headache depending on what tired you out during the day but two aspirin with some bread and cheese and some fresh water will take care of you just right.
i swear,
i wouldnt
let you


  is to be grilled and you'd think that this fine establishment would propagate these beliefs but alas, like most los angeles trends, sometimes the hype overshadows the details and yes pinks has the finest dogs in town but those closest to the magic have forgotten that the toppings are interesting but the star of the show is the hot dog and if you do not take care of the star you really have lost the reason that people line up in the cold to hand over their money. grill the fucker. grill it until it sweats and blisters a little bit. grill it until the lady from glendora gets tired of waiting and then turn to her and say, lady you really oughtta grill yours too it might help you get that stick out of your ass and she huffs and says pardon
me and i say, ok. sure. you're pardoned.