hi. my name is tony. today someone sent me a cdplayer off my wishlist.
it plays mp3s and regular cds too. i have good friends. too good. friends can stop giving me such
extravagant gifts, please. im not gonna open it until friend says it wasnt a mistake. i have a
feeling that it was. and its the thought that counts anyway.

do you guys ever really pay attention to my links page? you should.
theres always good stuff on there. i know it always looks the same, but the links change
at least once a week. lately i have also been linking to what was on this site a year ago.

last year at this time i was working at the dot com, waking up at 5am so i could go down with the ship.
normally i wouldnt recommend such nonesense, but i was working with the best people money could buy.

tonight is saturday night. me and chris are gonna have some steak and wine and see monsters inc.
she's already seen it and wants to go again. last night greg called me to see if i wanted to see
Harry Potter but i didnt get home fast enough, i was pumping iron. maybe one day i'll show you
my gorgeous bod. i can run a whole 16 minutes without stopping! you should see how the
supermodels at the gym gawk at my manliness and endurance. you should see how bald i look
when i do the seated angled bench press. damn receeding hairline.

i watched princess bride today while i downloaded porn. what a great fucking movie. andre the giant
must be the most underrated dead guy of all times. i want to make movies like that. write them,
that is. why dont people try to make more super creative, funny, romantic tales anymore? huh?

now im watching allen iverson make his comeback. philly has a tight team. speedy claxon, matt harping,
mt. mutombo, even derek coleman. i think theyve improved since last year. look out, lakers.

looks like ashley had the time of her life last week. she surprised me by telling me that she wants my incubus ticket and shes gonna fly out here in a couple of weeks for the weekend. since tsar isnt playing and since the holidays are here, i think what i might do is throw a little bash so people can hang out with her. she went to don and jens wedding and people liked her, but theres nothing better than a real social gathering, like a saturday afternoon barbeque for people to see what shes really made of. she can be funny as hell. too bad i'll never see her again, other than two weeks from now.

ok, well the tally for the free car is stuck at $301. and even though i took a sorta break, my hits are steady, which means a lot of you strangers are still out there lurking, which is fine. but fine doesnt get me a new car, so do me a flavor and give me a buck or two or tell a friend or two cuz this magic spell i have over skinny blonde girls from vegas will wear off soon, trust me, and not every hottie in LA is gonna put up with me be carless so help a brotha out. and have a great sunday. go bears. go raidahs.

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