stepped to my bitches like i wasnt even standing there //

charlie always did well with the ladies and sometimes you should just look at the fingers of some men and then look at their eyes and if you think i spent a lot of times looking at my fingers while i was on acid you are nuts heres a lesson for all you kids who keep writing in here asking me about what to do on acid, heres what to do, go outside. guess what's outside - everyone else. chuck cruised outside the other day and hey theres drew barrymore and lucy lui and pedro says you know what all over the galaxy prince charles is recognized as an amazing and classic prince and yet in his own kingdom, on his own planet he is vilified and disrespected, why is this? and i said because he didnt use the right pr firm. my man to this day remains a cold ass pimp and that fake british accent still drives the ladies wild. a prince can be judged on so many things but of course your princess is high on your list and diana blew away princess grace and how often do you hear that, but it's true. so props you big eared fuck and pedro said see that is exactly what i was talking about.

christina has finally left LA. she did two shows at the universal and all of this press and the labels and i figured great she'll be too busy to bother me but the phone never stopped ringing and the one time i did pick it up i said you cannot make a guy jealous by sleeping with your gay lead dancer and she said he is so not gay and i was all if you are a guy and you look to the left and you look to the right and you realize that you are a touring professional dancer you need to realize that even if your fingers smell of christina you are probably a homosexual which there is nothing wrong with but youre not going to make anyone jealous. keep trying. and all she could say was she loved me and then cried like crazy.

fucking teen divas.

you know what makes me sad today? nothing.

sure i had to call in sick because my flu kicked back in but life is good. today.

everything is going to be a hundred percent different in 40 days. it will probably be a hundred percent worse, but like a moron i am looking into that far-off but approaching fiery furnace and like shadrach all i feel like doing is dancing. and the gatekeeper turns the fire up seven times hotter than it should be and he can't even get it as hot as he's been instructed and meshach says take a breather, bro, i'll turn it up for you. and that is who i like hanging out with. and i believe that there are people out there who are into that shit. but chuck, the pimp move in the states is to point at the one you don't want to get with. drew's engaged, fucker. think youre the superstar of covert body language - check out lucy flipping you off. our women dont play that over here. and pedro sighs and says not everyone is in on some big joke mister eff bee eye agent and i say of course not everyone, stranger.