chris is the finest young woman you'll ever meet. i proposed to her probably on average of three times a day for five years so, what, 10,500 times? she never said yes. shes a fabulous cook, looks good in a hat, best travel partner you could ever hope for, and stiff competetion at scrabble. she hits the big two-oh today and she's worried that shes not a teen any more and i say its ok baby, youre still a teen to me. her dot com awarded her employee of the quarter a few weeks ago and yesterday at her malibu birthday party i asked her if she was planning on repeating and she blushed and got angry. she gets embarrassed over these things. i dont know one person who has met her who doesnt love her and whatever hot chick tries to gain my attention will have a lot to live up to since chris is the finest of all. and even though she thinks kobe's cute, she'd be into these playoffs anyway. she loved moulin rouge, which means it's probably damn good.