movie review

crouching tiger, hidden dragon

five stars
(highest rating)

my girl says i dont play fair and i said who said things are fair, i dont think that theres one thing thats fair out there, not one. is it fair that we get to have such a good life together and even now that its almost over we're gonna have a great friendship. she said well. and i said is it fair that some cold nights youre gonna call me over and be dressed up in that little skirt that i like so much and those nasty shoes and therell be candles everywhere even in secret corners where only evil lurks and some will smell like peaches and some will smell like vanilla and she said who says thats happening and i say is it fair that there will be some sweet music just barely pushing the woofer and looks like you even got that big ass candle fired up throwing crazy shadows on your new tapestry and she said the purpose of us breaking up and i said the purpose of us breaking up is to continue to go on with life and i havent been fourteen in a long time but i catch the Cubs when theyre in town and she said see thats not fair. this new movie to come out of china is completely not fair. story pictures acting music perfect perfect perfect. the way it puts all the rules in a nice shoebox and tucks it away in a place that you can go back to if you need to is breathtaking. i am sure that the quality of my girls life would have improved a great deal if i had taken her to more films and if there were more like this we'd a both been happier and this is the truth what i am saying here i will go see this one again. soon.