recipe #1: the cheese taco

ronaldregan9: did you like survivor?
MrciaBrdy: no
ronaldregan9: yeah i hate that texass guy
MrciaBrdy: ive never seen him
ronaldregan9: i invented the cheese taco tonight
ronaldregan9: the secret ingrediant: margerine
MrciaBrdy: hahah hmm
MrciaBrdy: i dont know how good that would be
MrciaBrdy: sounds good right now b/c im famished
ronaldregan9: its awesome
ronaldregan9:i had three
MrciaBrdy:feed me
ronaldregan9:: i serve it with a little salsa
ronaldregan9: mostly for the smell
ronaldregan9: i'll feed you
MrciaBrdy: cool
ronaldregan9: there you go!
ronaldregan9: midnite snack is served
MrciaBrdy: those are greasy man
ronaldregan9: jack in the box style
ronaldregan9: start with low heat to warm up the margerine
ronaldregan9:then let it soak into the tortilla
ronaldregan9: then heat it up real hot
ronaldregan9: then flip it once
ronaldregan9:then add salsa to the top
ronaldregan9:then flip it over one more time
ronaldregan9: im thinking about getting a cart
ronaldregan9: cheese taco man, how many you want?
MrciaBrdy: i dont like margerine
ronaldregan9: drink enough, you'll love it
ronaldregan9: plus it only cost me like $2 a gallon
MrciaBrdy: eh
ronaldregan9: when you fell asleep last night, did you think of me?
MrciaBrdy: i think so
ronaldregan9: did you pray for me?
MrciaBrdy: no
MrciaBrdy: i have 799 notes
ronaldregan9: i wont be your 800th
MrciaBrdy: ok
ronaldregan9: i dont like you that way
MrciaBrdy: simon wrote an amazing song for me
MrciaBrdy: wanna read the lyrics?
ronaldregan9: not really. i dont like brit pop.
MrciaBrdy: ok
MrciaBrdy: i knew youd say that
ronaldregan9: the brits havent written anything good since teenage wasteland
MrciaBrdy: mm hmm
ronaldregan9: for the exception of the sex pistols
MrciaBrdy: ok
ronaldregan9: but they dont count, they cheated
ronaldregan9:how many notes do you have?
MrciaBrdy: 799 i say
ronaldregan9:my calculations are higher
MrciaBrdy: awww
MrciaBrdy: 800!
MrciaBrdy: you left #800!
MrciaBrdy: even though im not sure if its nice
ronaldregan9: it's nice