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unless i see it on the internet, i dont believe it.
ive been hanging out with this hot chick who just happens to be a cuban girl.
at the beginning of this month she and her family flew off to cuba to
see some 40 members of their family who are still over there.
she showed me lots of pictures and if i like you,
i will look at all of your vacation photos because who doesnt love strange new lands?
i learned a lot about cuba from her stories and her pictures and if
i get it together i will put more of her cool photos on here.
she said that people are happy to be cuban and communist there.
she said that people know that they dont have certain rights,
but there are no homeless people, theres good heath care,
awesome education where people speak several languages,
the cubans are knowledgeable, intellegent proud people,
who dont have certain things like drive thru body piercings,
but they do have a super close knit family structure
and a respect for things that we've taken for granted
years ago. one of them being ice.
from what i remember her saying, cubans have refrigerators,
but i dont think most of them have freezers, so these little boys
were thrilled to be playing with a rare commodity like ice cubes.
if you ever think that im not grateful for all the things that i have
you're out of your mind. every hour my mind is blown
by what i have access to, including you, so that little story
when she told me, nearly broke my heart.
she told me that they like castro.
they know he has faults, but they really dont trust
america for shit. i want to tell them all, join the club.
you know when youre chasing a girl, and shes not
super into you, you'll say anything. well for the
longest time our family sorta overlooked the fact
that my grandfather very well could have been
100% cuban. african american people really
dont like to admit the parts of their family tree
that arent directly from africa. dont ask me why.
but i never even questioned my mom
she said, "yeah, he might be cuban,
he was born in canada though."
when in reality he looked entirely cuban.
so of course i had to bring all of this up.
and of course she didnt give a shit.
she just kept on showing me pictures
and telling me about how everyone just has
one baby and you grow up in your parents
house and when you get married you either
stay at your parents house or you move in
to your wife's parents house and you all
live together in a super tiny place where
if someones snoring you can hear them
and if someones watching tv late at night
everyone can hear them, which is probably
why its good that not too many people
have tv's. i said how was the food? she said
because everyones on food rations, her
dad took the family out every night, cuz
you dont want to use up everyone's rations.
and i said, how was it? she said, fun.