rules are important to me, at least in the hot tub.
some of us, christina, did not grow up in the adams family house where anything goes and the sign clearly says no alcoholic beverages. she said what? and i said and your jewelry looks ridiculous get out of the hot tub. she said it isnt champagne darling its apple juice i said you dirty tease how dare you thats not even funny. she said yeah it is and took a big swig. she had an odd way of being able to dip her head under the water and not ruining her make up. a talent, yes, but not her best trick. once me and christina were looking at the moon and she said be my boyfriend i said are you fucking crazy she said please and i said no way i can barely catch you on the phone. you fly all around the world non stop constantly you dance too much and all your exboyfriends wear out the batteries of your cell phone. she said oh comeon please. so i said ok. it lasted two weeks and i think that first day she cheated on me and i had never cheated on anyone ever before or since but i did on that second day and then i found out she did it again on that fourth day so i did it too on the fifth day and i have to say that i have never had so much sex per capita from one girl in my life!

hats off to you christina, drink your crazy champagne