maybe this page should be my real diary.

wednesday 7/14

dear diary,

today a cute girl at work said hi to me.
today the bus was late and this one dude stunk.
today this other woman who i swear is a bum
totally sat on my train two days in a row. im on her commute!
today the lakers traded shaq. :(
today i got a phone call from a girl who i will fuck on saturday.
this is a diary you can say those sorts of things,

its called wishful thinking
right now im watching frida.
earlier i watched the Simple Life
tomorrow is thursday.

diaries suck.

today this girl got on her cam
and played with herself
while i watched.
true story.
we talked on the phone
she said this and that
and then showed me.

i am so far ahead
in the game of luck
its not even right + obey