no problem with nurses

t o n y p i e r c e . c o m


the doc has good hair, good help and a crazy opinoin that humans have been on earth for thousands of years and there is no reason to do drugs.

his pen has the name of a drug on it, the pad that he writes his notes on has the name of a drug company on it, and the calender says Prozac. it's the only printed thing in the room that i can pronounce.

i said, the paper said this girl took Ecstacy for the first time and people told her to drink lots of water and she drank too much and she died. i asked, how can you die from drinking too much water?

he said, no one really knows what drugs like that can do to you, maybe it kept her from urinating and that's how she died. i said but that's not dying from drinking too much water.

he didnt like the conversation. he just wanted to remove the stitches from my side.

i said, i heard it's not the Ecstacy, but it's the things that they cut it with. he said no one should use drugs unless they're deficiant in something.

and i wish i had never felt so alienated before, but i had.

it's no secret, i dont like doctors. they drive around in their little cars with their little phones and their scrubs on
to their big houses with their big wives and they make people call them doctor and they cant even cure a cold.

the company sent me to a doctor on vermont avenue where i had never been before and the sign-in sheet was in spanish.

two hours later the old guy asks all the questions do you drink, no, do you smoke, no, do you do drugs.

and in their waiting room are two sales reps. the woman has a short dress on cuz it's finally summer outside and the man has a suit on. they're discussing their territories. they speak in zip codes.

"do you handle 08?"