the donnas turned twenty one the other day. actually donna f. and donna c. (the two on the left) turned twenty one on monday and they called me up and said do you remember us and i was all how could anyone forget you and they said good because you said for us to call you when we turned twenty one and so we are calling you and we want you to take us out.

i said.

they said just clean up and we will be at your house in 90 minutes. i said. they said -- click -- and sure enough in 90 minutes the doorman buzzed me and i said hello and he said the donnas are here for you, sir.

the donnas were not very happy that we were going to be riding a bus to get around and i said, ladies, one of the first things that you must realize now that you are all adults is that drinking should never be mixed with driving and i plan on doing a lot of drinking today. first i will start with some mimosas and work on those through lunch. i was hoping to do some shots with you gals around noon.

it didn't distract them.

we got on the bus and they said hey where the hell are you taking us anyhow?