state of the union address. im changing addresses in exactly three weeks. i have visited exactly zero new addresses and i have gone on exactly zero job interviews mostly because i have sent out exactly zero resumes. yes, im a dumbass.

so what do i predict to happen a month from today? i predict i have a great pad, a great job and rainbows shooting out of my asshole. i predict that this site slows down big time as far as updates and stories and pictures and stuff. i predict that i wont have dsl for a good two months and the 56k will probably drive me nuts and make me not wanna do anything web wise.

no big loss.

i predict that now that natalie is in sf i go visit there starting next month st. pattys day and probably in april to see some baseball. but mostly i will be working, something i havent done in a while.

+ drugs + rock

this site generates an awful lot of traffic and we have no ads and we sell nothing and it will probably stay that way for a while. i really dont want your money, go get your mom something if you feel like blowing it.

and as you do, know that i am grateful to you for coming to this site and leaving comments and suggesting improvements. or just looking around. i dont have a letters section because im rude, but each letter does get read. im sorry i dont write back much, all i'd probably talk about is tsar, drew, and rene and thats no fun for anyone.

someone did write in and said why dont you have a message board and i didnt have a snappy comeback so i made one and i claim no responsibility for it.