sonny was disappointed in the movie and television star. that fucker wants to die. i respectfully disagreed. i try to be polite whenever possible. i said, nah, i think he wants to go to jail, for if he wanted to die, he would have over dosed. sonny said, do you know that fuck was in one of the toughest prisons ever. i said that no i didnt know that. he said, you know he was probably pulling in 50-75 grand for each Ally McBeal that he waltzed through? i said, nope, no clue. he yelled I AM SO ANGRY! i said, you're one of the finest pornographers in modern history and instead you choose to take portraits at the sears on the weekends, don't you think some might be disappointed in your choices? sonny asked, dude, did you ever see chaplin? so good. i said, i think he's overrated. he said, are you kidding? restoration? i said, dude, only movie he was any good in was less than zero, but look, he never stopped playing that role. anyone can act nuts. if he was really a good actor, he'd pretend to be a normal person. sonny said nobody is any good at that.