hi. my name is tony. i know i havent updated this in a while and for that i apologize. there is a double edge sword to maintaining a daily webpage that changes every day.

the one edge is you get a lot of attention and you meet cool people and you get a free car and you get gifts and emails from people you dont know and when you meet a danish girl who wants to find out about you you can point her to your page and when she asks you "what does it mean when you say, 'nothing in here is true,' you can say, 'why dont you come over to my pad and i'll show you.'"

on the other edge of the sword is, if you end up hanging out with said exchange student and you make her dinner and you have some drinks after and you walk her to her car and all, you might just float right to bed, not believing your good luck and you go to sleep. the problem with this edge is you dont really throw up a new page before you go to sleep. and the very webpage that got you a really good ... hug ... has been neglected.

we see this all the time, people retire, people shut down their record labels, people take time off to chill.

have no fear though, friends. i will continue to update this bad boy all the time and all will be well. i will just learn how to do it faster. maybe i'll be more prepared. maybe i'll have the hot chicks help me.

so let's talk about vanda who was over last night. she's a little older than the girls i normally go out with, she just turned 30! we talked about how the beastie boys are damn near in their mid-30s now and i asked her how many killer tunes have the beastie boys made in their 30s and we sat there for a while and we couldnt think of any tunes other than "Intergalactic."

that made me a little nervous.

vanda is one of those girls who looks great no matter what she wears and i was trying to figure out why as we watched Temptation Island and i concluded it was cuz she has a fabulous nose and totally devastating eyes. and shes also really smart. in a non-threating, non showoff european way. maybe you understand. if she had lived in California, i would have thought that she had a nose job, but i dont think they do those things in Europe.

unfortunately my goulash was terrible and i dont think she's gonna be calling me back any time soon.

oh well, at least i'll have time to put up new pages.