so theres Jesus and there's bob dylan. one from the midwest, the other from the middle east. both came back from the dead, both knew how to shoot straight from the hip, but preferred to mix it up with metaphors. former jews, rock stars, heroes with a bite. people say that you wont really like a bob dylan song till someone else sings it. but then again, i think those people are royal assholes who need to see Dont Look Back.

bob dylan is sixty years old today.

it shouldnt surprise you that my favorite records of his are Saved and Shot of Love. full-on gospel records that rock and i dont mean in a "hip" way, i mean these fuckers rock, so go get em. sometimes people ask why bad things happen to good people and someone might argue "so you'll go and write Blood on the Tracks", but i dont think those things.


ive been lucky enough to see bob dylan play more than a couple times and each time he was completely different. in chicago in 86 with GE Smith, he was aloof and uninterested; in 90 at the Arlington in Santa Barbara, he was shy and drunk and eventually sobered and became nearly weepy; last year in Bakersfield he was revitalized and sassy - flirting with any young woman who'd return his smile.

he never had a problem playing his hits in concert, he never made it seem that "Everybody Must Get Stoned" was a cheesy-ass song, he never seemed bored playing "Blowin' In The Wind". he always ruled.

i'm sure he's as amazed as we are that he's still alive, but someone has to show the kids the true path.

happy birthday, bob