the older i get the less tolerant i am of bullshit.

ive got no problem with the bus or the subway or walking or riding my bike. i dont care that the metro totally made me miss part of the all star game introductions last night.

i dont care that when the train finally did show up it was half as long as it should have been at 5:00 PM! meaning everyone was packed into like 6 cars. i dont care that the conductor lady was super loud on the speakers, or that she couldnt DRIVE a machine that only goes forward and back, meaning she took corners too fast meaning it squealed like a bitch in the classically horribly metal on metal subway car screech forcing the blood to shoot right out of the ear canals and all over my beautiful cuban shirt that i had specially laid out to wear to impress my guest who was meeting me at my house later that eve.

but fuckit. fuck those things. fuck the busdrivers who break too slowly or drive to slowly or who put on the airconditioner simply because it's july, forgetting that the heatwave is OVER. fuck the busdrivers who yell, "move to the back" even though everyone has moved to the back, even though if the city obeyed the law, there'd be tons more busses on the streets and no one would have to pay $1.35 to stand up in a crowded bus and be yelled at to move.

maybe when im older those things will bother me. but right now what bothers me is that the escalators are always mysteriously stopped and it pisses me off to no end.

i pay my money. im doing my best to save the environment, and put one less car on the road, in the parking garage, or in traffic. it takes almost twice as long to commute this way, but who cares really about 20 extra minutes?

but i do care about escalators being "broken". usually each metro station has at least one that isnt working. personally, i think it is a cost-cutting measure to save on electricity or repair or some shit, but i know if rich people took the subway, this shit wouldnt happen.

this is why i think it's a scam: i am at the vermont/sunset station every damn day. they have four huuuuuge escalators that take you to the street and two little ones that take you to the train. the little ones are occasionally stopped, and the big ones are Never stopped. why is this? because people would shit if they had to walk all the way to the street - or theyd pack the elevators and fuck it up. i know that people arent breaking the escalators because THERES NOTHING TO BREAK. and i NEVER see anyone fixing these things. LA: save your electricity in other ways, start with more daytime Dodger games. hate to break it to you, but no matter how good they do, people just arent into the Dodgers right now. they have no Shaq and no Kobe.

so this is what im going to do about this escalator business. im going to keep a little tally and im going to tell you every time i spot a fucked up stopped escalator in a metro station. i think there are like 12-15 stations, each have on average 4-6 escalators. there is no way that any of these should be in disrepair for more than an hour. it should take about 20 minutes to get out there (via the Metro, of course) and 20 minutes to fix it. There, that's 20 minutes of fuckin around time to look at the ladies or some shit. but after that, fix my damn escalator.

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