stacii reminded me that i hadnt told you all that i love you in a long time.

i do love you. lots.

i write to you every day, and not just bullshit, but this is top shelf material here, people.

stacii says that now is the time for me to get away from all of this political who-haw and get back into telling sex tales and adventure stories about traveling the world while wearing the same tshirts and jeans.

i said, stacii, i have never had more hits in my life since ive gone political. she said but tony, one day people are going to realize that you suck in that genre, that you should leave it to the the giants in the industry like your buddies Ken and Matt.

she said, have you seen Matt's War Blog? I said, yes I had.

she said, well put some girls back on your page, and not just that one ashley girl. put bunches of girls back on there. and be funny!

and i said, well what if i mixed hot chicks with some of the current events? and she said, whatever, dude, ive got a hair appointment, mwah!

(click the bellybutton and prepare for nudity)