suki has a sister and we dont talk about her sister any more. and now that suki feels more comfortable playing dress up we've been having a lot of fun but she cannot stand the bedroom, shes always gotta be in the garage or in the garden or have her sweaty ass on the diningroom table.

i teller that my granny left me my dinning room furniture but that just gets her more into it all and after a while i dont care, i mean we're going to have a big earthquake one day soon, or fires, or floods, or the fruit fly is gonna come back and fuck shit up, or riots, or the dreaded summer-of-orgies where all the nyphos storm a house and just bang everyone - and then steal the dinningroom furniture.

it's a pain to move anyhow, so i let suki put her sweaty ass wherever she wants, but i beg her to keep her heels off the upholstrey, i mean, fuck, bitch, seriously.

11 Coincidence?

After September 11th there are 111 days left
to the end of the year.