so then mitzi shows up at my office wearing her school outfit. two big problems here. one, she hasnt been to school in about 4 years. and b, she knows that i dont even give out my work number to my mother - the last thing that i want is for her shaking her thing in the lobby of a totally secure fbi building!

but she doesnt care. shes wondering why i havent written her back, why i dont call all the time, why i havent said anything about her going back to junoir college. and i tell her that i will call her when i get home and she said, its lunchtime lets have lunch and shes saying all of this through the little microphone that is next to the observation camera and my buddy who writes down everything that is said on that mic (yes, that is his job, can you believe it!) says, "i'll eat lunch on her, i mean, with her."

and those are the jokes that i hear all day at the office so if i ever hear any shit about the jokes here i will remind you that matt drudge doesnt show you titties or tell jokes or nothin, so if you truly want that dreck, vamos. and by the way, how come he hasnt broken any good shit on hussein/bin ladin/whoever - fuck has had a week.

but of course i had lunch with mitzi, im a total sucker for catholic girl outfits and ponytails like that drive me nuts.

11 Coincidence?

119 is the area code to Iraq/Iran.
1 + 1 + 9 = 11.