rose is pretty much the perfect girl for me, she'll dream out loud with me laying in the malibu mountains staring at the stars passing a joint, frying on shrooms, passing balloons.

she called me last night cuz she was watching oprah. it was one thirteen am and i had been asleep for a good hour and had already built up a thin layer of sweat cuz i sweat when i sleep and she said oh my god, oprah has dr. phil on and theyre showing Lifespring and he's trying to pull it off like he invented it - or that Oprah had something to do with it.

only problem with rose is that she doesnt want kids. i know so many young women who feel like how she does and it is baffling to me and she does not like talking about it, so we don't, and sometimes i think that the X trips might be a good time to bring it up, but then i think that one reason that she trusts me is cuz she knows i wont spring that shit up on her when shes in a vulnerable state so we just never get around to saying anything, and the mood is always calm, but there is very little growth because you get change out of friction and change is good even if all is good in the first place and rose just says hello, hello, are you still there, but im not, i floated back asleep after she said "pull it off."

11 Coincidence?

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