im going to tell you some of my new years resolutions regarding this website and im going to start them today.

weird part about this site, is the more that it becomes popular the more rotten emails i get and the more i listen to the rotten people and their rotten ideas. one of the ideas that come across the transom continually is for me to stop writing so much about me. for a while i actually listened to that nonsense, but until i run across others who have more interesting experiences than me and my friends, i will keep to the topic, moi. so fuck off asswipes.

next thing i will start disregarding: the endless pleas to stop writing about sports and showing pictures of naked ladies. in this hopscotch of lies called life there are several truths about me that i am no longer ashamed of, one being that i am a sports geek, and the second being that i like to look at hot chicks.

so ultimately, the reigns of this mess called my webpage, will now be handed back to the creator, yours truly.

even though i will probably lose points with the ladies, i will continue to write about my fascination with ashley, my dissatisfaction with tom cruise, and my need to be a disgusting pig at least once or twice a day.

the refs fucked up in cleveland today and the fans became outraged because they have to live in cleveland and they threw their empty bottles of beer at the jacksonville jaguars and the officials and the dweebs who tuck in their polo shirts into their slacks. i dont know much about cleveland but i do know that they were cursed with art model, they were fucked by having to witness the ravens win it all last year, and they just made a stupid trade with the mets to unload roberto alomar, who might be the best second baseman in baseball. (since when do you get traded after hitting .336, with 20 HRs 100 RBIs and 30 SBs? and he won his 10th Golden Glove.)

anyway, i like anarchy. i like instant feedback. i like it when crowds work together, spontaneously with a little unscripted passion. if the best that they could do was throw some debris at the field, whatever, but at least they went to the game and GOT INTO IT. maybe it's living in California where everything is mellow as hell, but personally, i feel safe in a riot. i like the mob mentality. i think the eye of the hurricane is the best place to be, especially when it involves some sort of stadium surrounded by zillions of cameras.

the best part about anarchy is that it puts all plans to the test. and being someone who loves to be prepared, i dont fear the occasional riot. yes i might become injured or even killed in such mayhem, but odds are i wont. you wont either. for the most part we will all be pleasantly entertained. anarchy built the web and is maintaining it now. anarchy is at the root of we call this grand american experiment, the huge melting pot. anarchy is whats going on in my mind right now and hopefully in yours too. i say when the shit gets turned upside-down and shaken up a bit, that thats a good thing.

ashley was in town this weekend and we didnt do all that much, we slept A LOT. that girl loves to sleep. and it wasnt the most comfortable sleep because even though shes a pretty slight girl, she loves to take up the whole damn bed and she doesnt mind the sheets and blankets getting all fucked up, which matters to me when it's cold like it is right now. on thursday we had pizza over at vitos, on friday we had mexican at don antonios, yesterday i made baked potatoes and today she got a ride home with her friend before lunch time. we did watch memento last night, one of my favorite films of the year.

sara wants to know why intelligent men are ass men and not breast men. this topic deserves a lot of research and i plan on spending a lot of time and energy on it. i might even throw some money at this problem. maybe i'm a freak, but i have come to appreciate pretty much everything about the physical details of a woman. just this weekend i became intrigued by the happy trail - that little path of light hairs that run south from the belly button. then theres the little protrudings around the hips that bulge ever so slightly around the elastic of a g string. hypnotizing, this can be. and then theres the clavicle. it wants attention paid to it. look at it begging for it. the ass is complicated in its intrigue. it's magical - believe it or not, even nderstated in it's glory. but like i said, it deserves the respect of a full on exploration, and we simply dont have time for that right now. my apologies. but happy holidays. and remember, the sexiest part of a woman is her mind. like, duh.