if you read this webpage enough you will notice that i talk a lot about the daily nexus. the nexus was the college paper at ucsb where i met a lot of the cool people that are still my friends now.

the nexus was a special place
because there was no journalism school,
no advisors, just a daily paper and an office
and tons of freedom to write and create.

ive been very lucky in my life.
i was lucky to pick ucsb. i was lucky to get put into san nicholas dorm, i was lucky to get
found out and invited into the college
of creative studies. if i had not gotten into
ccs, i would have not have had the nerve
to walk into the nexus.

the best job i had at the nexus
was being the Art's Editor, i dont know how Denis became my assistant editor, but he was perfect.
we werent the closest of friends, we didnt hang out together, but he was great at headlines and was very funny and he took a lot of pressure off me and even though i got fired and later banned,

at the end of the year denis and i won
best college art's section in the state.

that was ten years ago.

and around that time, denis was getting the attention of a news writer, sandra brilliant.

they dated, moved in with each other, denis got a job in australia, sandy asked her company if she could transfer out there, they said yes, and this weekend a whole mess of us went back up to santa babara to witness the pleasant nuptials of the happy couple finally getting hitched.

i saw some old nexus people that i hadnt seen in quite a while, and some that i see almost every day. i got to spend two nights in the best town in the world, Isla Vista, and i got to see an 80 year old woman do the splits.

if you read this page long enough you will see that i am so lucky to be around my nexus friends. and if youre keeping score, this is the second nexus/nexus wedding i attended this year. i was lucky to hang with them, and im lucky to still know them.

they served us mexican food,
and there was a zydeco band!

sandy n denis
don and jen's
wedding pics