let's get it on

theres a timebomb
in the front room
bored Death is filing his nails
the dog's snarling softly
beneath the toadstool
and im just playing pool
"as soon as youre through
you're coming with me
but if you like
i'll take you now"
and i felt like drinking
ice water
and setting my head on fire.
Death stood up
and removed his hat
and walked his way towards me
the light froze solid
benath his black locks
and he looked like
he shouldnt be.
he looked 8 feet tall
and gorgeous
his tits began to grow
his cape shrunk up
and his voice got high
and he wasnt a guy no more
so we popped in "18" Alice Cooper
and threw off all our clothes
lit the candles, poured the whiskey
and we racked up all the balls.
"I never knew you
played both ways"
Death he said to me
i said you never know now do ya
do ya
and as the sun began to rise
Death lowered himself
to the ground
and asked if i wanted a blow
i broke, sank two
and politely
told that fucker