just got back from frisco and i must tell you that i feel like a new man. lately ive been feeling like a new man every eight days and its nice. it's great feeling like a new man after too-long of a stretch of feeling like an old man. and you really know things are going well after you see a band like Weezer in frisco who miraculously attract two thousand sixteen year olds and you havent been sixteen in more than sixteen years and still you feel more like a new man than an old one so thank you frisco thank you old friends and thank you weezer, but right now lets thank united airlines. as many of you know i have a vicious love hate relationship with the city by the bay. and the reason i thank united airlines is cuz about a year ago i was flying to st. louis and they bumped me a few times and for my troubles they
gave me some free tickets and this
weekend i used some of those
tickets to fly to frisco for the
purpose of celebrating the tenth
anniversary of me and jeanine
swappin spit. we had
a spectacular time in the
hidden jewel called
Chico and she
kissed me goodbye and i
drove my leather appointed
buick back down to that
limping whore, frisco, to
see weezer rock the bill
graham civic center and
not only are the kids
alright, theyre down-
right inspiring and i
havent been able to
wipe the shit eating
grin off my face and
why should i. i mean
the kids havent
had a new weezer
album out since
they were in grade
school. mtv hasnt
played a weezer
video since before
monica lewinski
so how on earth
do they know to
come to the
government square
near market and
van ness to see
four nerds?
older brothers
and sisters?
alternative radio?
divine intervention?
who knows,
who cares.

all i know is the kids were so fucking amped and ready that after the Get Up Kids got off the stage, and after the local dee jay asked the crowd to give it up to Yahoo! and HP for sponsoring the tour, the familiar strains of Queen's Bohemian Rapsody blasted over the p.a. to which the kids sang each word at the top of their lungs. now i have seen some concerts in my time. my first was the jackson 5 my second was ac/dc's back in black tour and after that one-two punch i have made my way into any gig that even sounds faintly interesting and since i have impecible taste i have rarely been disappointed by such shows as almost every tour by the Beastie Boys, nearly every Lalapalooza, tom waits, elvis costello, eric clapton, bob segar, the replacements, soul asylum, marilyn manson, miles davis, bob dylan, you name it. of course they are going to play music as the band sets up but i have never. never. never heard a crowd so jazzed that they as a group sang jubilantly to the music. inside i worried for the nerds who have as many mid-tempo romantic tunes as they do quasi-rockers because its a rocknroll rule that you dont play music that preceeds your show that rocks harder than what you're about to play. still, as the kids cheered themselves as Queen faded out, they cheered as Alex Van Halen's drum intro jackhammered into 1984's "Hot For Teacher" - which they knew, somehow, and sang to, beautifully, as they did to AC/DC's "Highway to Hell". i was in love. curtain fell. Weezer showed up and they opened with the triumpant "My Name is Jonas". perfect. maybe im so happy because whitney reminds us that the children are the future and the refreshing thing about nerd rock, emo rock, or whatever madison ave. wants to brand it next year is that it allows the freedom to not only be yourself but to be your own nerdy self and this crowd loved this band so much that they bought the tee shirt and wore it and danced with their friends and waved at the little guy behind the buddy holly glasses and moshed and got squeezed and sweated and sang. mtv will assure you that rock is dead but maybe mtv oughtta unplug that robot named carson and turn the cameras away from times square and the belly buttons of former mouseketers because mtv isnt always right, especially when it comes to music. and still i thank united airlines and the upturned nose of no cal who seem to take pride in the fact that gas is two bucks a gallon and a two bedroom apartment cost two grand. any learned traveler avoids SFO even if there isnt a cloud in the sky because there will be fog and there was fog yesterday and that caused so much confusion since this town appaently never gets fog that flights were delayed for hours or canceled and my flight was to take off at nine and i got to the airport at six in hopes of getting home in time to see the sopranos and shit happened and i waited for standby for one flight then another then another and sometimes the good lord says i truly love you fuzzy headed fuck and gets me on the top deck of a 777 where again there are leather appointed seats, tee vee screens on the arm rest, leg room soooooooooo ridiculous that you turn to the young lady to the left, a gorgeous hawaian and you both laugh and push as many buttons that you can like kids. thank you united and thank you good lord who has such a sense of humor that when you ask her what she does she says i work for Ford modeling and you talk and talk and talk and dont even realize that the stewardess hasnt even poured you a drink or offered a warm cookie. and let me tell you this my friends, most of what i write on this web site is lies lies lies and i can tell you that the reason i do that is because you would never believe what my life is really like
so i may as well fake it and pretend to be sad and unconfident but the truth is i am so blessed
that i have the greatest friends in the world and the greatest luck in the world and i try so
hard to give it back but how do you give it back when it keeps getting lumped right
back at me. frisco is the greatest when its warm and sunday morning after
drinking till five am we hung out on dans deck and looked out over the
hippie garden and it was downright hot. and the fags held hands and
wore their cutoff jeans and we went to arts and ate
eggs and grits and fucker you better be
that great next month when
i come back, five
hundred club, i'll
see you