in the good book forty days and forty nights doesnt really mean it, it's figurative. and the countdown is down to exactly forty days until i break up with my lovely girlfriend but it looks like that number might be figurative as well.

Blogger is all the rage but my question for it is, what if you want to have lesbians all over the back of your page? It is possible? Am I some damn genius because I can find the pictures, crop them and then write this all up and post it in about 25 minutes?

Maybe people should spend a good 35 minutes before they throw shit up on the web. Maybe they should spend forty. Some of us care what is presented upon our computer monitors.

I care.

I totally care.

forty days

there was a time way back in 1996 where people would say, "yeah that Internet is cool, but there's nothing but shit on there. Bad writing and porn." and i was all hey, i'm just doing my best over here.

Now I have nothing against people having an easier way to post their thoughts and hyperlink good pages from any computer in a matter of minutes, but the problem is, people aren't going to be writing about the things that I would like for them to write about and there isn't going to be, I am concerned, any links to the sites that I want to see.

And what of design?

The web is one of the few places where a hack writer can turn into a hack art designer in minutes... for tens of hundreds to see.

and I have always believed that if you are going to fake something, may as well close your eyes and floor it.

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