today i got a dollar from a compete stranger from the wonderful country of France.

as much as i love all of the people who have given me their dollars, to get one from an absolute stranger in a foreign land is Exactly what this is all about.

strangers stoking strangers.

right now everyone is freaked out about strangers doing mean things to each other, and i know that strangers do sweet things for each other every day. you should see the place where i work. theres a thousand people there and most of us dont know each other but we smile and say hi in the halls - even me and i can be terribly shy in hallways.

this website is not the prettiest, or the funniest or the bestest. i callout journalists for claiming that the sword is mighter than the pen, but hopefully you will also see that i am a peaceful soul, bent on fun for all, and love and understanding and superhuman skills that you never believed you had.


this weekend the video guy
is getting hitched.

denis and i won best arts section
for college newspapers in california
eleven years ago

in his junior year, he sat outside for a weekend watching john candy videos to raise money for charity. when i say i have the greatest friends, i also mean that i have worked with some of the greatest people too.

this weekend we're going back to santa barbara and witness denis marry sandy and it'll be real nice.

i hope youre weekend is nice.

i'll take some pictures for you, and since i'll probably crash somewhere near trigo in isla vista, prepare for an isla vista special photopage sometime in the near future.

until then,
adeiu, for now,