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Dear Gauchos,

I apologize for missing an issue last month. I have been busy with school,
trying to secure a (meaningful) summer job and planning our wedding.

But good things come to those who wait… for we only found out this weekend
that both the men's and women's UCSB basketball teams have won the Big West
Tournament. This automatically qualifies both teams for the NCAA
championship tourney.

- The men's team (20-10) is 14th-seeded and will face 3rd-seeded Arizona
(22-9) on Thursday. This is the first time since 1990 - those were the days
- that UCSB has qualified for the NCAA tourney.

- The 12th-seeded Lady Gauchos (25-5), boasting the nation's second longest
winning streak at 21 games, is making its sixth-straight appearance at the
Big Dance. They're facing 5th-seeded Louisiana Tech on Friday.

So dig up those groovy blue/yellow UCSB beachcomber shirts and root for the
home team!

Best wishes,


=== BRIEFS: ===

ADAM MOSSBRIDGE writes that his wife JULIA has a new book coming out in
March entitled, "Unfolding -- The Perpetual Science of Your Soul's Work."
Details may be gleaned at her web site -- Advance orders
for the book may be placed at her publisher's web site (

ALISTAIR JEFFS and JOANNA MOREL are proud to announce the birth of LILIAN
VICTORIA JEFFS on Tuesday, Feb. 12th at St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington,
London, England. The labor was long and hard (24+ hours) but mother and daughter endured and greeted each other at 23:43 with midwives, doctors, Juliet (Jo's sister), and Alistair shouting words of encouragement to them.

"Since then, Lilian's adapted to our brave new world with amazing grace and
style. The girls came home to the Maida Vale on Valentine's Day - a
wonderful present for a very proud dad." Alistair writes. "We hope you'll be
able to meet Lilian in the near future. After various shows in the UK,
she'll be touring later this year in California with gigs in San Francisco.
We're also working on getting her to perform at an exclusive London event in
2002 - Alistair & Jo's wedding."
For pictures check out:

ASHER GARBER has become a local celebrity in Old West Austin for standing up
for his right to walk his dogs Abby and Lopez without a leash in a local
park. Asher was arrested for failure to identify himself to a police
officer, which along with walking dogs off leash, is a Class C misdemeanor.
"BUT, you do not have to identify yourself to a police officer if you
haven't done anything wrong," Asher writes." This is why the case is going Supreme!"
Check out:

DON FRANCES and JENNIFER FRANCES (nee ADAMS) have moved to Santa Cruz.

GEOFF GREEN has helped organized a community response to a harrowing crime
that has rocked Santa Barbara:

Clinton Scott Risetter, a 37-year-old Santa Barbara man was killed in a
brutal way because he was gay. Martin Thomas Hartmann has admitted to
dousing Risetter in gasoline last month while Risetter slept and then lit
him on fire because he was gay. Murder, arson charges and hate crimes have
all been filed against Hartmann.

This type of horror is the last thing I would expect to happen in sleepy and
socially liberal Santa Barbara.

JAMIE REILLY is now the Creative Director for 3jane interactive in Los
Angeles. Jamie used to work at Contentproject.

KCSB REUNION: Current KCSB General Manager SAKI BAILEY writes that she wants
all past KCSB spinmeisters to return to Santa Barbara during Cinco de Mayo
weekend for a Spring KCSB Alumni Event. On Saturday, May 3 there will be a
picnic/BBQ/social in Oak Park from 12 noon to 3 and then in the evening
there will be a concert in the UCSB hub (in the University Center on

The concert will start at 7:00 PM and will feature KCSB artists
present and past and other surprise guests. To get on the mailing list for
KCSB Alumni write to:

"To help us plan the event, could you also please include the following information:
what years did you program, what was your DJ name, what was your show name,
what kind of show was it, did you hold any KCSB leader positions, do you
TENTATIVELY have a guess how many adults and children will attend,
and do you have any special dietary requirements (vegetarian, etc.)."

Saki also desperately needs your help in creating an alumni database.
"We have a VERY limited amount of alumni information and we need your help to
fix that. If you are still in contact with any KCSB alum, PLEASE email us
their information so that we can contact them. We want this event to be
great, but we need your help to make it successful. Thanks in advance."

After leaving Adam Sandler's SHNORFF in April last year, MARC BROWN has
spent some time in the commercial production world before venturing back to
whence he came - Web and graphic design. Marc started Jetpack Design with
RICH LEE (Art Director) in August 2001. After doing work for Nike, Diet
Coke, Activision and a number of other firms Jetpack Design had a good start
in 2001. Now, its 2002 and time to "take out the sucka MC's." Marc lives
with his girlfriend Nancy Herrmann (a non-Gaucho and an Architectural
Designer) in a loft space near MacArthur Park with a spectacular view of
South Central L.A.

MONEY BUYS HAPPINESS, associate-produced by PER ANDERSON, and the third in a
series of semi-experimental features directed by Seattle's Gregg Lachow, is
being shown in major theatres across the U.S. One user on raved,
"This is the film "American Beauty" would have been if they'd had the
cohones to put in a real female character." Per writes the film will premier
in Manhattan in June.

STANLEY MOSS has won a medal at the Biennale of Florence in December in the
category of Digital Imaging/New Media. Stanley also has a one-man show at
L&B Viewing Room in Portland, OR. The show opened on Feb. 6.

STEPHEN MCGARRY and RITA welcomed Tracey Elizabeth on January 3rd. Tracey
came in at 7 lbs 8 oz and 20.5 in.

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