i get a lot of letters. and lately people are asking me where i get my info. ha! since everything i learned i learned from playboy and from television, if i was so smart id have a cooler bedroom.

young boys ask me all the time about tips with girls. i tell them that my best tip is to competely ignore them. just the other day i got laid and i didnt even see it happening. yeah i took a shower and shaved and brought a condom, but seriously, how many times do you do that and you dont get laid? maybe thousands? sometimes you get laid, and if you ask me, that's why they call it getting lucky. i dont think that i have ever earned a blowjob. do you? everything i ever got was out of luck. thats ok with me.

and even though i used to make fun of them for doing it, girls are still sending me naked pictures of themselves. im no longer interested in giving out my age. but i am at the point where i have seen enough naked ladies. the thrill is gone. not completely completely gone. but i am no longer paying $8/mnth to see every naked picture on the Internet - a service i still place on my links page. but i appreciate the fact that they want to share. share with the boy who is calling you. i dare you.

recently the male readers are asking why i dont put naked chicks on this site any more. the answer is simple, some of the female readers asked me not to.


has this affected the amount of hits to the page? yep. do i care? nope. dude, i really dont care about much any more.fucking cubs are on a hot streak - i dont care. this chick the other night dressed up when i asked her to and i cared, but i'm filing that one under amazingly dumb luck. i applied for a ridiculously low-paying job, they havent called me back - i dont care. i dont even really care that less than a million people bought the Tsar record so far. fuck it. like they need hotter women.

since when has caring ever meant anything? i talk about good music, sports, cool things, and the Bible on here all the time but it hasn't changed anyones life. i bet not one new person has even started to read the Bible this year. the boys still pay too much attention to the girls and the girls send me their images instead. mj might come back to basketball. ive already seen that! george w. bush is in the whitehouse. fuck him. whatever. tiger woods won a bunch of tournaments. im glad hes going bald. you know what i like? i like the sopranos. i like corresponding with my ex-partner gg, i like watching the hot chicks starve on survivor, and i like sitting in my closet deleting everything from my old hard drive, one file at a time.

call it a second wave of senioritous. gimme f's all you want. gimme d's. i know who i am. the only approval i need is when i die from the man with the golden key and i doubt he'll ask me any of the questions that end up in my in box.