i think the main reason that i was good at the fbi is cuz i look like a nerd no matter what im doing. the sad exceptions are when im in a bowling alley or on the golf course and thats probably because i grew up right next to a driving range and i learned how to bowl at a very young age. the main part about being undercover is to be undercover. if you look like a pathetic goof - in the right way - people will ignore you. however this does not work if you are trying to hustle someone on the golf course. as far as the irs knows, i sold hot dogs for the sf giants after i quit the startup. the truth is, i was still in shock from being fired from the big electronics conglomarate and if it werent for several corporate golf tournaments, i would have never known that everyone sucks at golf. i had always known that i was a decent golfer while drunk, but i never knew that sober i could still play decently. decently enough to scam rednecks in tennessee and the neuvo riche in sf. the trick was to find stupid clothes. that part was easy for me. the hard part was to find the suckers. but once the innernet started to explode, that problem was solved. heres a tip that i would tell the ever-yearning-to-learn-more-about-golf losers: if you see a black man on the course, and he does not work at the club, don't play him and definately don't ever bet against him.