MrciaBrdy4 : you love those hula chicks
supertsar7 : theyre sweet girls
MrciaBrdy4 : they are
MrciaBrdy4 : lets see what no doubt news there is today
MrciaBrdy4 : ooooh gwen wrote!!!
MrciaBrdy4 : ooohohh!
MrciaBrdy4 : Hey Guys! Our stay here in London is coming to an end. I can't decide if I'm happy or sad. Making this record has been so much fun and we have met some talented friends along the way. I feel excited about the future and having you all hear the record. We go home to do the video for the first single called "Hey Baby" and we are talking about the concept now. The artwork has been done for a while and I'm really excited about how it came out. It was inspired by an artist named Steven Sprouse. We wanted something really graphic. I think it echos the vibe of the music perfectly. We just got the inside pictures back and we will be shooting the back cover when we get home. We need to decide on the running order and we're done!! I'm looking forward to rehearsing for the U2 tour next week and playing the old and new songs live. Hope you guy like Rock Steady as much as I do. Take care.
Love, Gwen,

MrciaBrdy4 : im literally all a-scream right now
supertsar7 : you really didnt know she was gonna write?
MrciaBrdy4 : she never does! the boys do
MrciaBrdy4 : tom & adrian
MrciaBrdy4 : & ahhh just about the video & single!?!?
MrciaBrdy4 : ahhh!!!: & the tour?! ahhh!
supertsar7 : give me a hot picture of her
and i will put it on my site

MrciaBrdy4 : yeah?
MrciaBrdy4 : easy!
MrciaBrdy4 : ok
MrciaBrdy4 : i have a great one