hi. my name is tony. i like television. i like sports. i like people who have the courage to be honest, even at work. i like girls. i like girls who have the courage to be themselves. i like rock music. i like loud rock music. i like going to concerts and listening to loud rock music that makes me wanna dance. even though i might not dance that doesnt mean that i dont like it, i do. i like writing. i like writing things down. i like reading what other people say even if i dont agree. i think some people are idiots and i think that some people are smart. the smart people are the ones that i like to be around. i have lots of friends and all of them are smart. they do stupid things sometimes but they are smart. the idiots i wish could be shot but then who would run our country and ruin our places of business? that wasnt a typo. i know how to spell. i like being in love. i am in love. i also have a crush on someone. i dont think that that's impossible. i like to travel. when i travel i dont mind doing it alone or with someone but i think i prefer to do it with someone. i like to kiss. i like to kiss outside. sex is not as important to me as it was when i didnt know what it was about. now i know what its about. its about seeing what the other person is all about. its about seeing what both people are about together. i think kissing takes care of that pretty well, but i think a good fingering isnt bad either. im good at sex. im good at pretty much everything except lead guitar which brings us back to television. god do i love television. television has taught me so much. ive been to europe a few times and when i went i was all, oh yeah ive seen that. and when i saw it in real life, sometimes it was better in real life like michaelangelos david, but sometimes it was better on tv like michaelangelos sisteen chapel. my name is tony, i have lots of opinoins, all of them are correct. someone asked me what is your best body part i said my mouth but most people say my eyes. i like my mouth because it allows my eyes to speak and i have something to say and sorry if it isnt always pretty, but if i say it it's cuz no one else has said it or hasnt said it loud enough. i have a loud voice. i have a loud laugh. when i eat i do it loudly, when i kiss i do it loudly, when i fuck, however, i do it quietly, im not sure why, maybe cuz im an american boy living in todays world and we're complex beings. i love Jesus. i love smoking pot. i love smoking pot and talking about the Bible. i think the Bible is fucking killer. i think most churches are so lost but the good book says dont judge so lets not. i like my girlfriend. im bummed that it's over for us but life goes on. i learned that on tv. tonight i am going to see this all-girl band called the Donnas and im really excited about it and i hope they can really play because i think they could really be something if they really can play because all the stupid people who are running and ruining rock music and rock radio and rock television really need to put rock back in the forefront in my opinoin because rock and roll will save your soul. there are not too many avenues for kids to be part of if theyre not cool or not into sports and techo is a fad and i really dont want to hear any other white people try to rap, so alls thats left is rock. so rock fuckers rock. i dont like people who are mean to me. i dont know why anyone would be mean to me cuz im pretty damn nice to pretty much everyone, but there are a few who freak out by that. i couldnt tell you why. personally i hope those people get shot too. maybe just shot at. for a little while, at least. why, well if theyre mean to me and i can handle it, what are they like to others who cant handle it? why cant life be like sports? if youre an ass everyone boos you when you show up. if youre cool they cheer and wanna take a picture with you. the best are the kids. if the kids give you the finger, you really need to be examining your lifestyle. i heard this kid cussing out this guy the other day and it was classic. i like swearing. i like the word fuck. i like it when girls swear. i dont know if its ladylike but the only thing that i think girls oughtta do thats ladylike is smell good and wear more skirts, other than that just be cool. i almost forgot, i like the innernet a lot too. me, i cant play any instruments so the only place where i can truly express myself is either when im whispering or when im writing and since most of us spend maybe point 2 per cent of our lives whispering, thank God for this. ok, im gonna smoke out now. i hope you have a good weekend. xoxoxox tony