maria has all these asian pornstar friends and one of em kept inviting me over to see her curtains and her curtain rods. super into antiques she would damn near cry if she couldnt get a commitment out of you and pj let me borrow her car for a few days and ive been to the store once and best buy once and i am still under the weather but ive got nowhere to be. i dont need a car. and one reason is cuz i dont make commitments to see even my closest friends, if things work out i'll be there but thankfully no one ever takes it personally but this girl chose to take it personally and i go maybe if i was single id be going over to your house but it wouldnt be to see your rods. and she said you wouldnt come over to see me if you were single and i said no. she said why? i said cuz you walk around half naked and if you wanna get it on just say so or give me a sign, but is this some game, are you trying to see when i crack. i aint gonna crack. there will be no cracking. during jesus's so-called temptations, not one of them revolved around hot chicks and if you ask me, not once was he ever seriously tempted. if you ask me, the one time that he did seem somewhat tempted to go against the plan was when he wept in the garden right before he was gonna get ratted out. if you ask me it seemed like he was crying because he was tempted to stay as a man and hang with us here even though that woulda ruined everything. and sometimes when i wonder if God loves us i think about how Jesus cried that night. he didnt crack. but he did show me that he truly dug even the dumbest of men. and his apostles were certainly a group of knuckleheads. and even though i usually prefer toenail polish, i told kathy fong that she was the bomb.