are you having a happy black history month? thats good. this one goes out to mr. hugh hefner who dumped his three girlfriends, including the twins sandy and mandy, and now has seven live-in girlfriends! i keep asking rene, hey can we be sexy friends when this is all over? she says what all of the girls say, its the best thing that girls can say pretty much most situations and it does work on me all the time. she said maybe. im like you know lets say you are having a pajama party and you are really in the mood for some digital underground, just promise me that you'll think of me and say, hey i know who has that cd, let me call him. and she says so all you would want to do is come over and drop off the cd. and i said what else would i want, i have nothing but respect for the all girl pajama party. when i first got involved in human resources i got sat down so many times about confidentiality. i have to say, i had a few issues way at the beginning, but as soon as i understood the rules, i was pretty good. better than a lot of people, i'll tell you that.
but this one is for hugh hefner and his
seven girlfriends. did you hear the
one about the girl at the kentucky
dairy queen who accepted a
counterfeit two-hundred
dollar bill sporting prz.
george double you
she gave $198
change for
the $2

  and yes im getting job offers but they are definitely not the ones that i think you would accept either so lets just imagine that we are hugh hefner. would you trade in the rest of the life that you would live for six months of being hugh hefner with seven girlfriends? is that a crazy question? whats crazy is there might be somebody somewhere who has a better life than hugh hefner. personally, i dont know who that person would be, keep in mind the playboy mansion is a mansion filled with the most beautiful half naked women in the world, famous athletes, celebrities, dignitaries and others. i bet even some of the others are fairly cool, but thats hugh's house. five acres. rene's folks have five acres and you could put a baseball field and a football field on five acres. would i do that if i owned the mansion? no. i would only put a baseball field. i saw drew barrymore on tom green's website. that girl is the greatest. i'll tell you what drew, i will quit smoking right now since youre trying to quit. im gonna smoke and then im gonna
clean up the house then im not gonna smoke
again today. one day at a time is how you
do things, ask anybody m2 just played
refused, thanks n now it's number
of the beast. im just sitting here
taking it in. im gonna have
my last smoke as iron
maiden sings but
can you believe
i havent