Father of 'Angel of Death' Might Be
'Vampire Slayer' Director

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The suspect in the Sabado Tarde Tragedy, David Edward Attias, might be the son of excellent parents.

Although there seems to be many Attias's in Europe and South America, there are very few in Santa Monica, where the 18 yr-old alleged murder claims permanent residence.

By Googling "David Attias Santa", the first listing is the sub page of the portfolio of a horrible artist named Susan Moss. Apparently Daniel and Diana Attias of Santa Monica have one or more of the woman's paintings in their "private collection". Not their only show of charity.

For if you Google "Daniel Attias Santa", you will see a list of tv directorial credits from "The Sopranos" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" to "Ally McBeal", as well as awards for philanthropy and community service.

One of the links will lead you to a letter that Diana Attias wrote in October to the editor of the Santa Monica Mirror championing a local homeless program. (http://www.smmirror.com/volume2/issue18/letters_to_editor.html)

If these people are, indeed the parents of David Attias, it would appear that the self-proclaimed "Angel of Death" was spawned by two ... angels.

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