t o d a y . i s . j e a n i n e ' s . b i r t h d a y !


regardless of what the tireless professionals at the contra costa county dept. of child suppport services says, this tony pierce was only naked with one young woman during the unforgetable spring of '89:

our friend jeanine.

such a shy girl at the time, jeanine wrote for the newspaper and one day i picked up the paper and i said to someone who the hell is this jeanine and someone said shes the girl that just runs in here drops off her story and runs out. jeanine claims that the first time that she remembers seeing me i was the loudest guy in the very loud office and i was walking out of my sports editor's office and i sat down and this girl jumped on my lap and she thought that i was loud obnoxious and rude! moi?

eventually we met at a party thrown by one of the editors and she wasnt talking to anyone and i said hi jeanine, my name is tony pierce, i read your article this morning about isla vista school. you're a damn good writer. she looked at her beer, sipped, and took a puff from her cigarette.

on our first date we went to see the the neverending story part two. bad movie, bad date.

i dont even remember our second date, but it was bad too.

then one rainy day i asked her to give me guitar lessons ...