t o d a y . i s . j e a n i n e ' s . b i r t h d a y !


after two and a half years of living together we broke up and jeanine went off to prague with our friends and when she came back she had a gift for me.

an electric guitar! that one!

jeanine is the greatest. everyone loves her. obviously i love her too. thankfully she is no longer a recluse and she shares her love with all. i dont know what ken layne is doing tickling her like that but, whatever.

i just called jeanine and she is in the serramonte mall in daly city she is a world class jewelery appraiser now! after a stint on rodeo drive at the famous Fred she spent a few years at a jewelry store on the third street promenade in santa monica and now she travels around and does her thing on the road.

jeanine is the inspiration for ilka, fyi

and i love her i love her i love her!