other than the flying cars, the best thing about working at the fbi is the excellent people you get to meet and work with. and since it is the cream of the crop type of place, of course youre going to meet some fucking rad people who went to ivy league schools, or who know 7 languages, or who can kiss real well, or can write songs like a bastard, or can tell a joke, or drive a semi truck like it aint no thing. and if i told you the truth about some of these people you'd say to yourself, there he goes exaggerating again, so this is what i will say about pj, who i completely admire, and who's birthday is today: this fucking girl is incredible.

i wont get into the details cuz they make too many people jealous and i have been rightfully accused of blowing things out of proportion at times, but if you had a chance to sit down with this super cool, super smart, angel from new england, you'd understand and would join the ever increasing ranks of blown-away superheros who walk these hallowed halls. does she have any faults? well of course. first off, she'll probably drop dead before she hits thirty if she keeps fighting crime the way she does, and dont think thats all that bad because she has lived a life and that inspires me to no end - as its my opinoin that people stopped living lives years ago.


and the boys will tell you how hot she is, but i will say that what im amazed at is what horrible photos she takes, her looks have yet to be captured on any pic that ive clicked, and maybe thats a nice thing. its good to save something for real life. but heres what i like so much about this wonder woman: fun as in fun fun fun.heart of gold in a way that you probably havent seen in a long time. speed reader, voraciously, dude.and heres another thing i like about her. the boss sent us up north on assignment and even the most tomboy agents that i have traveled with have all taken more than one dufflebag.
not this girl. just one. and barely
needed that one. plus when we're
on a stakeout she loves to sip
on the fourty ouncers - and
how cant you love that?
so pj - or your fakeout
name - karisa, i hope
our paths cross again
one day. have fun
turning 44 today!
(mca says hi.)