karisa came over last night with her friends from mass.
they had been to coachella and the beach and all over
and still karisa was beating their asses drinkingwise.
i showed them what was on my tivo and they drank and
then they wanted to have their farewell drinks at the rainbow
and even though it was the Lord's day and even though
they said that they wanted to go to Jumbos afterwards
i had never actually played karisa at ms pac man
so of course i had to beat her ass and her friends at galga
and drink the baileys and drink the sam adams
but i didnt get to buy karisa a drink
and they dropped me off at my place
and one of them gave me
i dont even know what youd call it.
whatever it was
it was wet
and it was in public
right in front of the church
and my neighbors
and karisa
and her other friend.
and all weekend ive been
the victim of womens
attention and drunkenness
so i was growing used to it.
and i scored 119k on galga.
but now i have to buy karisa
some drinks tomorrow night
so that we'll be even.



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karisa kicks ass

may 2001