the innernet is a weird thing. here i was looking for a picture of pro surfer veronica kay
and i find the personal website of one of the coolest girls ive never met.
when i was working for philips electronics, i found myself in shopping centers all around california.
in the one in bakersfield, i was at a skate shop and i bought Foxy #2 created and edited by Keva Marie.
i wrote her a fan letter, she wrote back, we were going to hook up in frisco. no such luck.
after reading her bio, i see things are pretty much the same: shes dominating the universe.

so keva, if you get this, yeah, things are cool with me too.

if you tune in friday at 11am on E! and turn on your closed-captions, you will see my caption editing
as Elsa Benetiz hosts the E! Original Special: Sexy Swimsuits 2001
(which includes a feature of the Roxy All-Women Surf Competetion held in Fiji)
at noon you can see my work on the E! Celebrity Profile of former New Kid on the Block Joey McIntyre.

things couldnt be better