dear boss: here's our last wristwatch chat. si = sonny i. lavista, Gg = the sr. director's daughter. she was a competent agent, for a teenager. so that you know, what we were doing here was going over who our undercover personalities are and i was going to tell her what was believeable and what wasn't. as you saw from the earlier transcripts, she had recently asked me my hundred questions and i answered, these are hers.

si: hi
Gg: hey
si: sorry about earlier
Gg: thats ok
Gg: im sorry too

si: thats ok
Gg: how ar eyou
si: ok
si: how are you?
Gg: my back hurts
si: no copying me
Gg: well mines from leaning over blueprints
Gg: so did you get my message?

si: yeah, thanks
si: thats why i got online
si: im glad you got your book
Gg: so do you have an answer to my ?
si: actually i have some ?s for you
si: would you mind if i used one of your scrapbook pages one day?
Gg: which one?
si: a drew one of course
Gg: no shit ;-)
si: like the butterflies one i know i could do something with
Gg: well you would have to give me SO MUCH CREDIT, b/c i dont want any shits taking that & trying to pass it off as their own, i worked on that page collectively for like 2 days
si: i give no one credit for shit
Gg: but i MADE that
Gg: w/ my hands

si: your soft hands?
Gg: for like 2 years i worked on it
Gg: so no one can ever take it w/o credit given to me
Gg: yes, my soft hands

si: i'll think about it
si: you like breaking all my rules, i think
Gg: well then my answer is no
Gg: i;ll sue you

si: cya in court then
Gg: dont be a dick dude
si: i'll just have to call drew as my first witness
si: (im just kidding)
Gg: what if i posted one of your poems or stories w/o giv ing you credit?
si: i wouldnt care
Gg: ha, whatever

si: people would say, sounds like that LaVista idiot
Gg: youre weird then
si: duh
si: miss barrymore, do you think this belongs to gg or sonny?
si: "i think it belongs to me" yoink
Gg: ha yeah, thats how it will go
si: we never got around to innerviewing you yesterday
Gg: you can now if youd like
si: im afraid of the answers that i'll get
Gg: oooh come on
Gg: dont be a baby

si: thats so funny, i called this guy a baby today and chris called me a baby this eve and now look at you
Gg: :-) babies hanging from the chandeliers
si: whats that from?
Gg: drew
si: from what?
Gg: talking about her first addition for the puppy chow commercia
si: ok this is called Speed Interview
si: keep your answers short
si: keep them fast
si: answer honestly
Gg: got it
si: dont bullshit the bullshitter
si: be yourself
Gg: ha never
Gg: always

si: know that im just kidding when i say im crazy about you
Gg: of course
si: ive got a hot chick here that drives me crazy enough
Gg: right
si: 1. where were you born?
Gg: la mesa, ca
si: 2. whats the first name of the first boy you ever frenched?
Gg: evan
si: have you ever played spin the bottle?
Gg: no
si: 4. have you ever stolen anything from a store?
Gg: yes
si: 5. has a b/f ever spanked you?
Gg: yes
si: 6. what did you steal?
Gg: magazine pages ... lots of times ... loooots
si: 7. anything else?
Gg: a plastic flower when i was in kindergartner
si: 8. are you sorry for stealing?
Gg: not really
si: 9. do you believe in heaven?
Gg: yes
si: 10. how old are you really?
Gg: 19
si: 11. do you think youre mature for your age?
Gg: sometimes yes, sometimes no
si: 12. how many kids do you think you'll have when you start having kids?
Gg: 2
si: 13. what age do you think you'll get married?
Gg: 23? i hope but at this rate ...
si: 14. whats your favorite vegas hotel?
Gg: the venetian, for sentimental reasons & its pretty
si: 15. if you had to have a last meal what would it be?
Gg: ice cream & dietcoke
si: 16. spit or swallow?
Gg: get out of the way
si: 17. what flavor ice cream?
Gg: chocolate chip cookie douhg
si: 18. other than drew and gwen name a hero of yours
Gg: jennifer jason leigh
si: 19. do you love me?
Gg: yes
si: 20. why should others love you?
Gg: b/c im cool
si: 21. what will you do differnt when youre 21 other than drink and get a tattoo?
Gg: i could get a tattoo now but to answer better : gamble
si: 22. heres 20k what car do you buy?
Gg: one that comes w/ a chaffeur
si: 23. what city will you raise your kids in?
Gg: either vegas or somewhere in southern california
si: 24. do you wish your parents would get back together?
Gg: not anymore, i did at first htough
si: 25. whats your favorite book?
Gg: alice in wonderland, little girl lost, anything by francesca lia block
si: 26. whats your favorite mtv programme?
Gg: jesus ... alternative nation & 120 minutes, RIP
si: 27. you claim to have kissed 5 boys in one day, do you plan on hitting that high score again?
Gg: not really
si: 28. when will you kiss a girl, a real kiss?
Gg: if im ever in the appropriate situation, but if i die w/o doing it, thats ok
si: 29. ever get caught doing anything bad?
Gg: define bad
si: theres a line btween good and bad, you know whats bad
Gg: well .. no i dont think so
si: 30. who hates you?
Gg: hmm .. this girl shanna from h/s
si: 31. ever see anyone die?
Gg: no
si: 32. oj guilty?
Gg: yes
si: 33. ever kissed a black guy?
Gg: not yet


si: 34. ever posed naked for a picture?
Gg: not entirely naked
si: 35. how long will drew and tom be together?
Gg: for this whole lifetime & the next? haha
Gg: knock on wood

si: 36. what did you think of Hole's last cd?
Gg: i like it much, malibu is one of my fave hole songs ever
si: 37. how many cds do you own?
Gg: no idea, over 70 i guess?

si: 38. have you ever been to Malibu?
Gg: probbaly
si: 39. have you ever had Malibu rum?
Gg: yeah
Gg: yukc

si: 40. how many times have you been drunk?
Gg: tastes like sunscreen
Gg: NO clue, 50+ ? i dont knwo

si: 41. when at the beach: bikini or one peice?
Gg: 2 piece, although im not confident in it
si: 42. thong?
Gg: no way
si: 43. what SPF?
Gg: 15 or 30
si: 44. what do you take with you to the beach?
Gg: books, mags, sunscreen, sunglasses, hair thing, towel
si: 45. are you co-dependent?
Gg: yes very
si: 46. when you check out boys at the beach what do you look at?
Gg: boys
si: 47. do you go in the water?
Gg: if its not cold
si: 48. do you get your hair wet?
Gg: sure
si: 49. do you make sand castles?
Gg: havent done that since 7th grade
si: 50. how long do you take in the bathroom in the morn?
Gg: i dont get ready in the mornings really
si: 51. what time do you move your bowels?
Gg: & i dont get ready all at once either ... i dont have a set time for that, sorry
si: 52. do you read in the can?
Gg: stop asking gross questions
si: 53. wheat bread or white bread?
Gg: sourdough
si: 54. favorite type of bird?
Gg: wow, thats a good one ... hmm i dont like many birds, i have to get back to you on that
si: 55. other than daisies, what flower do you like for a boy to send you?
Gg: roses
si: 56. who should win a grammy tomorrow?
Gg: no doubt
si: 57. are they up for one?
Gg: best rock album
si: 58. when will gwen go solo?
Gg: never
si: 59. when she does, will she be successful?
Gg: shes more co-dependent than i am
Gg: it wont happen

si: 60. tell me you loved that Tsar song and you listened to it today
Gg: i dont LOVE it, but i did listen today & thought of you
si: 61. are you a kiss ass?
Gg: not really
si: 62. what was your best subject in hs?
Gg: math
si: 63. what sorta math?
Gg: all math really ... calculus & algerbra i guess
si: 64. heres a ticket to any city in the world, where would you go?
Gg: london
si: 65. are you a good traveler?
Gg: i have barely done ANY non-work traveling in my life, so i dont know exactly what defines a good tralver
si: 66. how many suitcases do you take for a weekend trip?
Gg: 1
si: 67. do you pray before the plane takes off?
Gg: yes
Gg: holding my butterlfy necklace

si: 68. do you applaud when it lands?
Gg: ha no
Gg: im still holding the necklace
si: 69. ?
Gg: only once
si: 70. what will be on your tombstone?
Gg: i have no idea
si: 71. what would you like on your tombstone?
Gg: something nice about me
si: 72. buried or creamated?
Gg: mosalium (however the fuck thats spelled)
si: 73. who would you like to say some nice words about you at your wake?
Gg: everyone i knwo
si: 74. how many funerals have you been to?
Gg: 2 i thin
Gg: think*

si: 75. do you cry easilly?
Gg: yes
si: 76. where do you cry the easiest at?
Gg: where? no place in particular
si: 77. do you get embarrased crying?
Gg: no
si: 78. do you respect boys who cry?
Gg: yes, very much, i think its extremely cute too, & breaks my heart
si: 79. do your sisters date the right boys in your opinoin?
Gg: no
Gg: not mandy
Gg: andi is ok so far
si: 80. do you date the right boys?
Gg: sometimes, but its not like i date
si: 81. have you ever asked a boy on a date?
Gg: hmm .. i think so, im not sure though. yeah i guess
si: 82. whats your favorite tshirt?
Gg: right now, my ex-girlfriend one, but i prefer tank tops

si: 83. whats your favorite pair of shoes?
Gg: my new vans that change color
si: 84. whats your favorite pair of pants?
Gg: my navy blue cords
si: 85. what color laces are in your shoes?
Gg: white
si: 86. ever beat the shit outta someone?
Gg: never
si: 87. ever thought you were gay?
Gg: nope
si: 88. ever piss your pants as an adult?
Gg: im not an adult & no
si: 89. ever eat a bug?
Gg: not literally anyway ... no but once a fly flew in my mouth, EWWW
si: 90. whats the most las vegas thing that youve done this last few days?
Gg: gosh, i have no idea ... all i've done this last few days is sit at home on my ass
si: 91. what is your bedding like?
Gg: lavender sheets, white fluffy comforter, hot pink blanket, 2 pillows - one lavender, one strawberry shortcake
si: 92. how long after you put your head down do you fall asleep?
Gg: not fast enough
si: 93. do you pray before you go to bed?
Gg: sometimes
si: 94. when you pray do you end with the our father?
Gg: no
si: 95. how often do you floss?
Gg: whenever i feel the need
si: 96. what brand of shampoo and conditioner do you use?
Gg: salon selectives - completely drenched
si: 97. what is your favorite hostess treat?
Gg: im not really into those ... i guess ding-dongs are good, is that what theyre called/
si: 98. do you like any boy bands?
Gg: god no, theyre not bands anyways, they wish
si: 99. can you believe you answered these many questions this fast?
Gg: yes, im quick
si: 100. what question do you wish i had asked?
Gg: not that one
si: did you have fun?
Gg: totally. i always have fun with you.