people write me all the time:

Q. HeY! What's yr problem with Layne>

A. Who ever said I had a problem with the renowned author, musician and humanitarian?

Ken and I have broken bread, shared an apartment, he let me write some fiction on Tabloid, he is an Internet pioneer. He was in a country band that got to cut a record, he hung with the Beat Farmers, he's a rare example that something good can come out of San Diego. He has an excellent Cheap Wine collection. He likes to wear dress jackets. He loaned me "Hollywood" which I have yet to return.

Ken Layne discovered my friends in Prague while he was running from the law. He gave them some non-UCSB credibility. I like him a lot, and not just because he makes me feel not-so-old. As long as I have known him he has supported himself from writing. Have you? He has exquisite taste in fiancees. Like all of my friends, he's ridiculously over-talented. And he sings real purdy.

And without him (and Shira) I would not have this roof over my head. Not only do I love him, but I am indebted to him and I'm glad the Lord threw his skinny ass into central europe to show us what we had been missing.

Because we're friends I can tease, which is what I did the other day. He's a fine writer and reads a lot more than I do. And he never needs to apologize for shit.

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