sonny innerviews tony //

where do you get your information from, son?
everything i learn comes from girls who kiss me,
poetry teachers, and magazines with bikini girls on the covers.

your comebacks are not funny, but they are quick. where do you get them from?
television and rap music.

you claim to be an ordained minister. of what belief?
i am a conservative Christian. i believe everything in the Bible, even the part where it says that God made all the plants for our use. and the part about not working on Sundays, i believe that part was written in stone.

so you are a pot-smoking hippie ...
Jesus looked more like a hippie than a golfer. What do you think being a Christian means? I believe God was Jesus.

so what other drugs do you take?
what drugs *don't* I take? the two most disturbing things to a man's psyche are chasing women and studying religion and trying to do those things simultaniously is a recipe for certain disaster. I have seen grown men do completely ridiculous things because of women. when people freak out on drugs they are usually nearly comatosed and quiet. when people freak out over love they are loud and destructive and much more ugly and dangerous. let's not even get into how many wars were started - are starting - over religion. so if someone offers me a hit off a pipe at a Foo Fighters show do i take it? i take a big fucking hit and offer up some of mine.

why so bitter?
i shrunk maria's sweater and i can't find it anywhere.

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